Shoulder To The Stone is a collaborative group of Musicians, Artists, Song Writers, and other creative people acting in concert to raise money for those in need. Our first project raised money to rebuild a Haitian orphanage destroyed in the 2010 earthquake. (Find out more about this project using the links below.)

We are expanding our original efforts to now include other projects. See the news items below to find out what we're up to...



The cd

When the Haiti earthquake occurred, I watched the Hope for Haiti Now concert and heard Christina Aguilera perform Lift Me Up and realized, again, that music had the power to evoke not only feelings of sadness and loss but also of hope to confront those feelings. I donated money to the American Red Cross, but the truth is giving a little cash is an easy thing to do. It is harder to find a way to be a bigger part of the efforts to serve the needs of people so far away.


It was this that led us to think that maybe we could deliver help of a more personal nature. So a plan came together that we would engineer and compile a CD and hold a benefit. But our greater hope was that the project would last beyond the release and create, at least for some length of time, a continual source of ongoing support. We expected some no’s along the way but no one denied us. We were amazed at the graciousness of everyone we asked. All of these artists are named in other places on this site.


We contacted My Texas Music and asked if they would be willing of offer support through their outlets. MTM offered not only to support the project on their website but also suggested that we film as much of the project as possible to air at the Academy Of Texas Music Awards Ceremony that is scheduled for May 15th in Marshall Texas. Everyone involved in the project was excited by the offer. It added another dimension to the project that helped to inspire us all.


When the idea for this project started, there was an I. But what really made the project come together was when it became a we project, a full-fledged collaboration between the artists, songwriters and musicians who joined in the act of co-creation. During the project several major events occurred that changed the course of our efforts and highlighted the concept of working together.


David Vaughan came into the project as our videographer and with, the exception of his computer going down, he has been able to keep his part of the project moving forward. Selia Qynn began creating the CD art, the website and the poster. Unfortunately Selia’s mother became seriously ill and Selia had to put the art work aside to tend to her mother. Sue Gaines picked up the art creation and we are fortunate she made herself available. Chris Collins and his wife Leah lost Leah’s father who passed away in Louisiana and Chris had to give up the engineering and compilation parts of the project. Once again we had another group of talented and willing people when the Renfrees (Ren & Andi) stepped up to take care of this facet of the project. And now, all these parts are complete.


What we are aware of is that what we have done pales in comparison with those who actually go into a situation putting their boots on the ground and their hearts into the task of saving lives, clearing crumbled buildings and trying to lift the spirits of those who are suffering. But we did this because it is something we can do. And if it is only a little successful we will provide some of the direct financial support that is needed to keep those in line of fire from feeling they are in it alone. We know there is suffering everywhere we look on our small planet. There is no one cause more deserving than another this is just the one that was most on our hearts and minds.