Shoulder To The Stone is a collaborative group of Musicians, Artists, Song Writers, and other creative people acting in concert to raise money for those in need. Our first project raised money to rebuild a Haitian orphanage destroyed in the 2010 earthquake. (Find out more about this project using the links below.)

We are expanding our original efforts to now include other projects. See the news items below to find out what we're up to...



8 Month Progress Report from Jimmy Jean-Noel and Roberto Dormino

Dear Supporters:


It has been 8 months since the earthquake in Haiti turned it into basically a gravel pit. More than 1.5 million Haitians lost their homes. Most of the capital and political infrastructure was destroyed. Even makeshift tents are in scarce supply. The full death toll, perhaps 100,000 or more, remains unknown, and may remain unknown as tens of thousands were delivered to mass graves. The Port-au-Prince cemetery has no more room. The U.N. lost more than 40 people itself. There was no escape. 


We chose to make our assistance efforts as visible as possible, to assure the children of the Orphanage of the Child Jesus of Prague, and Jimmy Jean-Noel, a Haitian U.N. humanitarian aid worker, whose father, mother, and sister died when the family’s home collapsed, they haven’t been forgotten.


Please note that English is not the primary language for these correspondents.  Jimmy is a native Haitian and his first language is Creole. Roberto is Italian. 

— The Shoulders

From Jimmy Jean-Noel:


I'm doing radio training that means i (sic) do teach people how to use communication radio. This is basically my job, my bro and I are just ok. He's back to school and we are still living at an aunt of mine. So sad to sad (sic) to say the conditions have not really improved in Haiti. Things are the same.

From Roberto Dormino:


Unfortunayely (sic) through the UN mail and pouch only letter are allowed so we are not in the positionn  (sic) to receive CDs ore other material mentioned in your message.


As far as the orphanage is concern, we have already received one container with the some part of the houses while the other, with the rest of the material is still under custom procedures.

A visit to the site with Donald, the president of the building company as well as with some Italiam (sic) Military Engineer for the levelling  (sic) of the ground is planned for this week, possibly Thursday.


We are confident that we will start the construction of the two already houses for the kids. I hope, is more money are coming to buy an additional house so that we can put 4 kids in each room instead of 6.