Shoulder To The Stone is a collaborative group of Musicians, Artists, Song Writers, and other creative people acting in concert to raise money for those in need. Our first project raised money to rebuild a Haitian orphanage destroyed in the 2010 earthquake. (Find out more about this project using the links below.)

We are expanding our original efforts to now include other projects. See the news items below to find out what we're up to...



The Project

The original goal of the Haiti Project was to raise a continuing stream of relief funds for direct distribution to victims of the Haiti earthquake. This was facilitated through family and contacts in the humanitarian aid community. Through their efforts, we chose two needy beneficiaries to support through proceeds from the sale of this recording. The earthquake leveled the home of Jimmy Jean-Noel, killing his father, Jeanty Jean-Noel age 58, mother, Marie Michelle Jean-Noel, age 53, and sister, Gertie Jean-Noel, age 25. Only his brother, Gaïus Jean-Noel age 23, survived. While dealing with this personal tragedy Jimmy works as a humanitarian aid to help his people and his country. The Orphelinat Petit De L’Enfant Jesus De Prague is devoted to the care of 35 children whose parents are deceased or otherwise unable to care for them. Their tiny shelter was seriously damaged by the earthquake, forcing them onto the street in tents, and in search of water and basic necessities.


It is our hope that Shoulder to the Stone will be a platform for future service projects.