Shoulder To The Stone is a collaborative group of Musicians, Artists, Song Writers, and other creative people acting in concert to raise money for those in need. Our first project raised money to rebuild a Haitian orphanage destroyed in the 2010 earthquake. (Find out more about this project using the links below.)

We are expanding our original efforts to now include other projects. See the news items below to find out what we're up to...



The Song

Preview the song here... 

When I thought about writing a song, the phrase 'sometimes we feel broken by nature or by man' came to me, but the song never quite got to the stage that it felt complete. Jack Saunders agreed to meet me, read the lyrics and possibly take part in finishing the song. He solved the problem with his first thought when he said this whole thing is about putting a 'shoulder to the stone.'


Over the next few days we exchanged ideas until we both thought the song was complete. We talked about the music and how we thought it should be done. We invited Mark Beets to come over and we each sang a verse. After the initial recording Bill Ward offered to put keyboard tracks on the song. Jack went to Bill’s Songdog Studios and the keyboard part was added. We invited everyone who was contributing a song to the compilation CD to take part in the recording and once again, we were encouraged by the response. Everyone who could, agreed to come to White Cat Studio and take part in the recording process. This is when we began to truly understand the power of 'yes.'


We met on a Sunday afternoon and five hours later we had some sixteen people involved in the creation of the vocal tracks for the song. David Vaughn videoed the session and several of the participants took photographs of the session. The photographs are posted on this site. The video documentary of the project and the video of the recording session being are being processed and will be combined for the documentary.


What we have learned from all of this is that 'yes' is the operative word when trying to reach out to others. Nothing can occur without 'yes' being the answer to the ongoing questions of how to get from an abstract idea to the completion and fulfillment of that idea. We heard yes over and over again regarding this project. Usually when something really gets done there is at least one person who provides the greatest energy to get something to the state of completion. In the case of 'Shoulder To The Stone,' it was Jack Saunders who devoted himself and his resources whole-heartedly to getting the song done.