Shoulder To The Stone is a collaborative group of Musicians, Artists, Song Writers, and other creative people acting in concert to raise money for those in need. Our first project raised money to rebuild a Haitian orphanage destroyed in the 2010 earthquake. (Find out more about this project using the links below.)

We are expanding our original efforts to now include other projects. See the news items below to find out what we're up to...



Kerrville Music Camp for Teens Fundraiser 2019

We're still tallying the contributions made for Saturday's fundraiser for the Kerrville Music Camp for Teens. If you weren't able to make it to JP Hops House you can still make a donation. At this time all current donations are being flagged for the Music Camp.

Thanks to Jim and Pam at J P Hops HouseWillie B ArenasKimberly Kyle, Dave Corbett, Ray YounkinAmanda PascaliJim Gill, Steve Arnold, Susan ElliottLinda Shibes Schaible, Kristen HartJane GordonDave Wilcoxson, and Bud Bierhaus for providing an incredible afternoon and evening of music. Thanks to all who showed up, brought food, and made contributions to the best of causes.













Hurricane Harvey 2017

Shoulder to the Stone will accept donations for Hurricane Harvey Relief. All funds received will be earmarked and distributed only to Hurricane Harvey victims. Donees will be selected in keeping with the organization's tradition of support of local and Texas music and musicians.




August 29, 2015

And now we say farewell to another of our dear friends. Mark Beets will continue to be cherished as a talented musician, friend, mentor, husband, father, grandfather, uncle, brother, son...He has enriched our lives with his art and his heart, we will miss him very much. His wife Sherri has asked that in lieu of flowers or other thoughtful gifts, that you make a donation to Shoulder To The Stone.


And hey, Mark, you and Saylor save us a place...some powerful music is going to be happening just over that line...we'll see you later...

Shoulder To The Stone
HOLIDAY FUNDRAISER! — November 17, 2013

Please join us for an evening of great music, good munchies, holiday songs, and lots of good cheer!

This event is in support of our sponsorship enabling 5 teens to attend the 2014 Kerrville Music Camp, a program designed to provide youth, 13 to 18 years of age, with a quality music camp that helps them find their own sound and voice. Primary objectives of the camp are: having fun, building self-esteem, providing new experiences, teaching positive leisure time activities, and integrating music with developing leadership skills.

The event will be November 17th, at Selia Qynn's beautiful habitat, home of the Habitat House Concert series. We will have potluck feasting at 6:00 pm with music starting at 7:00. You can RSVP or ask questions using the "Message" button on our facebook page, or email us HERE.

Here is the lineup, not necessarily in this order:

Selia Qynn
Mark Beets
Bud Bierhaus
Leslie Krafka
Tom Tranchilla
Willie B
Ken Gaines

Danny Everitt

October 6, 2013

Today we find ourselves wanting to give back to a beautiful lady who has given support to so many, and has given of her resources to make a difference in uncountable lives.


Merry Ellen Featherstone has been a cornerstone of the lives of many of the "Shoulders," with a youthful energy that continuously amazed us. Her devotion to her "family" was an inspiration to all, we will miss her sweet "bobbing head". She passed quietly in the company of family and friends. We have given a donation to her and her family to aid them with expenses. 

Merry Ellen, we'll catch you at a show, later on down the road.

August 18, 2012

The heart of Shoulder to the Stone, Saylor White, has moved on to the next phase in his spiritual journey. We will miss him dearly, but rather than mourn his passing, we will continue to celebrate his life of giving. Those wishing to make a tribute to Saylor's life are requested to consider a donation to Shoulder to the Stone so that others can be helped in his name. Please use the link above to donate, and thank you for supporting this project that was so dear to Saylor's heart.


STS at the Kerrville Folk Festival— Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Shoulder To The Stone was truly honored to be invited to perform at the historic Kerrville Folk Festival, the longest-running folk fest in the country

The following singer-songwriters appeared at the Threadgill Theatre on Wednesday, June 8, 2011 for the Sundown Concert.

Buddy Allen
Willie B.
Mark Beets
Bud Bierhaus
Danny Everitt
Ken Gaines
The Hanshaws (David & Kelly Hanshaw)
Brian J. Kalinec
Leslie Krafka
Connie Mims
Selia Qynn
Kenyon Saylor Puntenney
The Renfrees (Peter Renfree & Andi-Crimmins Renfree)
Jack Saunders
Tom Tranchilla
Carolyn Wallace
Bill Ward
Ron Welch
Saylor White


This performance was dedicated to our beneficiaries in Haiti, the orphans and nuns of the Orphanage of the Child Jesus of Prague, and Jimmy Jean-Noel, a humanitarian aid worker who lost his home and family.  We extend our thanks to our friends in the humanitarian community, Roberto and Marco Dormino, Jackie Gerry, Chiara Jasna Vaccaro, and Kristen Woolf Curry.

We would also like to thank our supporting team members David Vaughan, Sue Gaines, Sherri Beets, Pam Kalinec, and Sheryl Hutchens.

Saturday, February 12, 8:00pm–11:00pm — Millbend Coffee House in the Woodlands

We are bringing together a quorum of the performers for another show, we really want to keep the ball rolling! Be sure to check the other news items below to view our progress in Haiti.

Featuring: SaylorWhite, Jack Saunders, Bud Bierhaus Tom Tranchilla & Buddy Allen, Connie Mims,
The Hanshaws & Willie B, Mark Beets, Kenyon White, Brian Kalinec, Carolyn Wallace, Selia Qynn,
Bill Ward & The Renfrees, Danny Everitt, Leslie Krafka, Kenyon White, Ron Welch, and Peter Gruezmacher.

$15 recommended donation, $12 advance purchase at
1370 N. Millbend, The Woodlands, TX

February 1, 2011 — We received a phone call from Roberto today. The septic system has been completed, the children can now take showers! Also, they have placed a plaque on the orphanage thanking Shoulder to the Stone for our support. Roberto confirmed that: 1) He received commitments from other sources but not all followed through like we did; 2) This is one of only a few successful building programs in Haiti funded by charitable dontions. We couldn't have done it without your generosity and support, thank you!

The orphanage and Shoulder to the Stone were featured in Roberto's home province newspaper in Italy. This >>LINK<< will take you to the original article (in Italian).

And this >>LINK<< opens a Word file of a Google translation of the article, which is close enough to readable English to get the gist of the article.

HOUSES ARE COMPLETED!! Roberto writes to tell us that the 2 houses have been completed, and the septic project is underway. See more photos and read Roberto's letter >>HERE<<

To get a better idea of where the orphanage is, visit this Google link >>MAP<<

We have received news from Jimmy Jean-Noel and Roberto Dormino on the progress, slow though it may >>HERE<< to read the letters...


The Video has been released!! Please enjoy this unique insight into process of making this song and cd happen; and the heart, soul, and talents of the wonderful folks that participated in this project.

Jack Saunders and Rick Poss performing "Shoulder to the Stone" live at Kenny Pipes' Almost Austin House Concert

We have made available a compilation of several emails received from Roberto Dormino in Haiti. Progress is being made in the removal of the dangerous structures, and construction of new buildings. Although we are pleased that there is progress, you will see from the story that there are many issues at hand that seem to defy the efforts being made. We still have a long way to go, please consider a donation using the buttons above. Even if you don't want to read the entire communication, look at the pictures, they tell the story.

Read the story HERE.

Your contributions are on the way to Haiti! The children are so very grateful for your help. But we still have a long way to go. Eduardo Almeida (head of the Inter American Development bank in Haiti which is playing a major role in rebuilding efforts) observes: "We don't have time to feel like depressed and disappointed, we have to understand that each one of us, and each one of our institutions, are here to put a stone in the wall that's going to be built."

Find out more about the status of recovery in this CBS news story from April 15. >>CLICK HERE<<